About Us


We are an Australian faith-based apparel brand born out of a vision to fill the gap that exists in Christian clothing. 

Each of our T-shirts and pieces of clothing has had tremendous amounts of thought and effort put into them, as we aspire to design products that are relevant to young people today but also hold deep meaning. 

Our goal is to spread the gospel. We believe that what we wear has an immense impact on those around us. So why not use that impact for Christ?


It was late 2019 and I was reflecting on ways that I could aid the gospel going further. The thought of spreading Christ's love through art had been placed in my heart for a while now. I was sitting in my car waiting for class to start, wearing a T-shirt from a youth group I used to attend, and thinking about a passage I had read that morning - Matthew 4:18-22. I realised that every time I wore that shirt, I felt more equipped and empowered to be unapologetic in sharing my faith, a mission given to all Christians by Jesus Himself! Shortly after, I spoke to a good friend (whom I was reading Matthew with at the time) about the vision placed in my heart. Thus, FOMA (Fishers of Men Apparel) was born.

We were born out of the desire to witness through what we wear.

To be disciples, making disciples.

It is our goal and prayer that, through our clothing, you too can feel empowered and encouraged in living as a disciple of Christ, unapologetic in your desire to share Christ with others.

- Aaron & Eunice